Complex Systems

Hans H. Diebner's Research Site

The Internet domains and are to be understood as portfolio of both my research as well as my artistic activities. I pursued or pursue these activties either on a freelance or on a institutional basis. However, this portfolio solely reflects my personal point of view with respect to the mentioned research activities and artistic forms of expression and by no means the attitutes of institutions in which I am currently or I have previously been involved.

My research interests circle around complexity. It comprises modelling and simulation of nonlinear systems as well as philosophical and epistemological problems that arise in complex systems research.

Artistic approaches play a prominent role in my considerations. The entanglement of episteme and techne, i.e., the dialogue between the sciences and the arts, I call performative science. Within the scope of performative science a couple of reactive installations emerged intented to serve as epistemological applications and to foster the communication of scientific contents.